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  • Horsch CO6

    Horsch CO6

    Air Drills and Seeders
    £ 8,950.00(excluding VAT)
  • Horsch CO6

    Horsch CO6

    Air Drills and Seeders
    £ 7,950.00(excluding VAT)
  • Nordsten CPL400

    Nordsten CPL400

    Air Drills and Seeders
    £ 750.00(excluding VAT)
  • Horsch CO4

    Horsch CO4

    Air Drills and Seeders
    £ 12,950.00(excluding VAT)
  • Kuhn Speedliner 4000

    Kuhn Speedliner 4000

    Air Drills and Seeders
    £ 19,500.00(excluding VAT)
  • Accord DA-5

    Accord DA-5

    Air Drills and Seeders
    £ 4,750.00(excluding VAT)


  • The Furrow

    The Furrow is an agricultural journal published in fourteen languages ​​for John Deere GmbH & Co. KG. It is distributed to farmers and experts in the industry in EU27 countries, Eastern Europe, CIS, Near and Middle East, and North Africa. It provides to the reader a mix of current issues in farming with both local and international background, and best practice examples as well as exclusive news and facts on John Deere products and company strategy.
  • John Deere Online Shop

    Want the John Deere style?
  • JD Link Ultimate for Free*

    *If you buy a new Stage III B John Deere tractor (9R, 8R, 7R), a new MY 2012 John Deere combine (T- and S-Series) or a new MY 2012 John Deere SPFH you get free JDLink hardware components and 1 year JDLink Ultimate subscription for free. Promotion offer is valid from July 1st 2011 on.

    Set your John Deere machine up just the way you want it.

    We are able to meet the new Stage III B emission standards without the inconvenience and cost of using AdBlue/Urea.