Aercore 1500Mounted Aerators

  • 57.5-inch coring swath
  • Flexi-link supporting arm
  • Fiberglass reinforced belts
  • Produces up to 900,000 holes per hour

The Standard Bearers for Quality Aeration

Simplicity meets superior performance. In short, that sums up the John Deere line of Aercore Aerators. These ground-breaking walk-behind and tractor-mounted aerators have consistently delivered high productivity without sacrificing hole quality,durability, or ease of service. Just like a great golf swing, the Aercore Aerators are remarkably consistent in quality and quantity.

Mounted Aerators

Machine Coring width, in.57.5 in
152.4 cm
Productivity 2.4 x 2.0-in30,020 sq ft/hr
2,789 sq
Dimensions Weight, lb.kg1,100 lb
499 kg